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Tuesday, 27 September 2022

SupportCenter Plus

Self-Service Portal

The Self-Service portal is a vital component in reducing your support load. By enabling customers to create new service requests and find solutions via the web 24 X 7, SupportCenter Plus improves the productivity of your support representatives and reduces the total cost of IT Service delivery. Customers can also check the status of their requests online, thereby reducing unneccessary follow-up calls to the helpdesk to check status.

* User-friendly web interface for creating new requests.
* End users can check the status of their requests online.
* 'My Tasks' noticeboard for reminders.
* Integrated Knowledge Base module for sharing solutions to common problems.

* Reduced support load.
* Empower customers to identify solutions quickly.
* Keep customers informed.
* Your HelpDesk is available to your customers 24 X 7.
* Customers can review history of previous requests.

Knowledge Base

SupportCenter Plus includes a Solutions (Knowledge Base) module that allows you to document best practices and solutions to common problems in an online knowledge base. The Knowledge Base acts as an effective knowledge sharing medium, boosting support productivity by leveraging collective knowledge and assists in effective knowledge management. It also helps in improving the average problem resolution time significantly as support reps find answers to problems quickly.

* SupportCenter Plus offers the following features for easy knowledge management
* Build your own knowledge base easily.
* Searchable knowledge base solutions indexed by specified keywords.
* Partition a separate knowledge base for end-users (separating them from technicians)
with access only to simpler problems.
* Group solutions by topics and sub-topics to facilitate easier access.
* Access Most Popular and Most Recent solutions quickly using preset views.

* Duplication of effort is eliminated with a centralized solution repository.
* Effective sharing of knowledge improves overall productivity.
* Users get consistent answers irrespective of the technician servicing their request.
* Faster first call resolution.
* End users can get answers to common problems 24X7 from a web browser.
* Reduces the load on your Helpdesk.

Help Desk

SupportCenter Plus enables customers to submit trouble tickets via a browser or through email. It automates several key workflow tasks such as case routing, acknowledging requester/support rep notifications and handling of SLA rules. As a result, your support organization can now realize higher levels of productivity, keep everyone informed, provide superior service, improve problem resolution times, share knowledge effectively and keep customers happy.

Features Several Easy Ways to Create Trouble Tickets

Email to Request conversion
* Automatically convert the emails sent to Help Desk into trouble tickets.

Web Enabled
* With SupportCenter Plus being a 100% web-based Help Desk solution, enable your end
users to submit support requests (trouble tickets) from anywhere, anytime using just a browser.

Import from .CSV Files
* Import contact details from .csv files.

User Survey
* Conduct Customer Satisfaction and User Surveys. Also get User Survey related consolidated reports.

Complete History of Request
* Complete change history of a request is maintained to facilitate audit processes.
You can also lookup a history of requests from a particular workstation to identify
workstations with chronic failures.

Help Desk Reports
* Get complete reports on Help Desk load, Support Rep performance and SLA violation.

Holidays / Operational Hours
* You can configure yearly holidays and operational hours for your help desk.
You can also create special Service Level Agreements that override these
operational hours in case of emergencies.

Support Rep Notes
* Support Reps can add notes to the request to add related information like action taken.

Notify Support Reps
* Automatically notify Support Reps when a new request is assigned to them.

Automatic Escalations
* Escalate requests to different support reps within your staff and notify managers
when cases are not resolved within specific time limits.

SLA Management
* Create User, Department, Priority or Category based SLA rules and ensure compliance.

Knowledge Base
* Using the Searchable Knowledge base, both the Support Reps and the end users
can search for solutions to common problems.

Self-Service Portal
* End users can use the self service portal to submit new requests or check the status
of their open requests.

My Tasks
* Create follow-up tasks and never miss an appointment or forget an important call.

Keep End Users Informed
* Automatic email response to Requesters on request creation and closure.

Flexible Help Desk
* Add custom fields to the request form to capture information specific to your business needs

Automatic Case Routing
* Automatically assign requests to support reps based on the type of request.

Service Level Agreements

Business today relies heavily on the quality of IT services. Degradations in IT Service delivery can be costly and damaging to business. More and more organizations are implementing strict Service Level Agreements to ensure high standards of IT service. Defining Service Level Agreements is even more critical in the case of outsourcing IT. This place tremendous pressure on your HelpDesk technicians to ensure that the required IT service levels are being met.

* Define SLA rules to distinguish priority requests by Requester, Department or Category.
* Automatically update Requests to apply SLA rules to determine resolution time
* Track SLA compliance using automatic escalations (upto 4 levels) in case of SLA violations
at pre-defined time intervals
* Measure Service level performance using SLA violation reports.

* Proactive Service level management.
* Higher customer satisfaction by delivering service as per customer expectations.
* Better communication with customers on reasonable Service Levels.

Contact Management

SupportCenter Plus lets you establish and sustain your business relationships by maintaining valuable customer information. Integrating account management features with the Support Desk, it gives you an overall view of all your customer relationships. This central repository enables your teams to track account-level data, service level agreements, user contact information, and product ownership details.

* Manage all your customer accounts from one central location.
* Track all your customers and their contact details.
* Store account details such as user name, company, phone numbers, addresses,
web sites, email addresses, Service Level Agreements and much more.
* Easily group related contacts together in a single account.
* Use pre-defined database fields to easily record contact information or add custom
fields to meet your specific needs.
* Capture, view and edit all user transactions, including email, tickets, chats,
and service calls in a single system

* Instant visibility into all your support interactions anytime and anywhere.
* Increase productivity levels and service more customers faster with contact
information at your fingertips.
* Confirm end user identity and verify which users are authorized to receive support.
* Meet the unique needs of your customer by maintaining a comprehensive history of
all user interactions.
* Track user support history over time to anticipate needs and potential sales opportunities.

Product Catalog

Each product that is sold to a customer can be categorized into a specific product type. The Product Catalog module gives your support reps the ability to add new product types as well as track and manage all products purchased by customers. Your Support Reps can organize product details more effectively. You can also allow your contacts to view and track all details about the products they have purchased.

* Ability to easily add and maintain new product types.
* Maintain a wealth of information about your products using configurable fields
such as cost, delivery information and so on.
* Allow your support reps to create and maintain a list of products being sold to your customers.
* Allow your contacts to view and track all their product details.

* Effectively categorize all the products sold by your company.
* Track products much more effectively using highly customizable product tracking.
* Higher customer satisfaction by delivering service as per customer expectations.

HelpDesk Reports

Reports play a vital role as far as a HelpDesk product is concerned. Requests that are open, closed or overdue at any instant of time, the SLA violations that had happened, which person or department is sending the most number of requests & who is attending to the requests can all be known from the readymade reports generated by SupportCenter Plus. Some of the very useful reports provided by it are;

* Requests by Department
* Requests by Date
* SLA Violation Reports
* Service Level Agreement Reports

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