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Track Assets
» Scan IT assets
AssetExplorer scans and audits all workstations across your enterprise connected over LAN, WAN and VPN. AssetExplorer helps you scan all Windows workstations from Active Directory. Discover Linux workstations and other IT assets such as printers, routers, and switches using network scan. The detailed scan provides in-depth details about hardware and software installed in all workstations. Asset Managers can audit workstations and get hardware and software reports for fine-grained control.

Manage Asset Groups
AssetExplorer helps you create focused asset groups for better management and control. You can create Static or dynamic groups based on asset properties and for ease of management. With static groups you can choose assets with different properties. Dynamic groups help you to group asset based on specific criteria.

* Static groups helps you group different assets such as Windows XP machine, one Linux box and a printer to form a static group say QA team

* Dynamic groups helps you classify asset based on their properties such as, All windows XP workstations, all workstations with less than 1 GB RAM, workstation with Intel Mobile Centrino processors and so on

» Track Asset Ownership
Track Asset Ownership details to get a clear picture of who owns what. AssetExplorer helps you assign assets to users and track them through the asset life cycle. The detailed asset ownership history helps track all previous owners and records all the changes in the asset.
AssetExplorer's Auto-Assign helps you to quickly assign workstations and the most probable owners based on their login status. The auto-assign helps you eliminate manual workstation and owner association by over 80%.

» Hardware & Software Inventory
Get detailed hardware inventory reports about workstations in the network such as OS details, CPU details, network information, hard disk details, RAM slots. Software Inventory report details software installed in workstations across the network. It helps you group licensed software enabling you to track total number of actual installations versus purchased software licenses.

» Audit History
Track everything that ever happens on your network. AssetExplorer's Audit Trail help you keep a tab on important changes such as software managed and prohibited software installations, hardware changes that happen every seven days.

Detail Audit reports helps you to collate information from discrete changes across your network and get deep insights. Detailed Workstation Audit History reports by changes and timeline helps you to navigate across disparate data and pinpoint a particular event or track Asset changes.

Software Asset Management
» Software License Management
ManageEngine AssetExplorer scans your network and automatically discovers all software available in each of the workstations. Asset Managers can easily ensure compliance by keeping a check on list of compliant, under licensed and over licensed software.

* Scan all Installed software
AssetExplorer scans your network and automatically discovers all software available in each of the workstations. It helps you understand how many installations of software are available in qyour network.

* Group Scanned Software
Classify all paid software as Managed to effectively focus on software license management. AssetExplorer offers other software types that help you group scanned software as Freeware, Open source, Shareware, Prohibited, and Excluded.

* Allocate Software Licenses
AssetExplorer scans and fetches Microsoft Windows and Office Keys during IT inventory audit. Key-in all the licenses that you have purchased earlier, AssetExplorer will match the discovered license and license in store automatically in the next scan. AssetExplorer helps you track software licenses on an ongoing basis when you mange purchases through the PO module.

* Ensure Software Compliance
AssetExplorer helps you to easily track and ensure that your installed software does not exceed purchased software. It gives a software violation warning when installation exceeds purchase. Asset Managers to purchase new software licenses or uninstall existing installations to ensure compliance.

* Continuous Software Compliance
As anyone can install software in the network, the software compliance you tried to get in place can be violated anytime. AssetExplorer's scheduled scans monitors software compliance and alerts you via email when someone violates it. Software Violation alerts helps you to take immediate action and ensure compliance on a on-going basis.

» Ensure Software Compliance
AssetExplorer tracks purchased versus installed licenses helping you to ensure software license compliance. The Scheduled scan alerts you when an unauthorized software installation is detected, ensuring software compliance on an on-going basis.

Softwaren License Management
» Software Usage Tracking
AssetExplorer gathers information on how often installed software is used and classifies software as Frequently Used, Occasionally Used and Rarely Used Software. Based on Software Usage Tracking reports Asset Managers can take informed decisions while purchasing or renewing licensed software.

PO and Contracts
»Contract Management
AssetExplorer helps you effectively manage contracts with different vendors. It keeps and check on the expiry date and alerts for renewal. Detailed reports based on contracts such as contracts by maximum spend and contracts by vendors helps you negotiate and make informed decisions.

* Create Contracts and associate any asset
AssetExplorer helps you create contract and associate multiple assets based on the model, date of purchase or vendor. This helps you to consolidate IT and Non-IT asset under one contract.

* Manage Contracts with Timely Alerts
Managing different contracts with different renewal dates, term and conditions can be challenging. Reminders in contract alert you on renewal dates and helps you prevent unwanted penalties.

* Attach Term and Conditions
AssetExplorer helps you to attach important terms and conditions related to a contract. When you need a quick reference or check you don't have to browse through pages of printed legal contracts

» Purchase Management
AssetExplorer offers a complete Purchasing system that helps you manage POs with approvals.

* Create POs and define approver
The PO flow guides you through the PO Cycle. Create a PO with required items and define who needs to approve the PO.

* Approve / Reject PO
Based on the PO, the approver can approve or deny a PO. Approved POs are sent to the vendor to make sure that the items are shipped to the right address.

* Closed PO / Receive Asset
Once the assets are received, the PO is closed. The received assets are assigned a temporary number until they are assigned to a owner.

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