1. What are the system requirements for Desktop Central?
Hardware requirements - Pentium4 1.0 Ghz processor, 512MB RAM, 200MB disk space.

Environment - Active Directory based Windows 2000/2003 domain setup.
Supported platforms - Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP

Supported Browsers - IE 5.5 and above, Netscape 7.0 and above, Mozilla 1.5 and above. You must install and enable Java plugin to use the software.

2. What operating systems are supported by Desktop Central?
Desktop Central supports Windows 2000, Windows 2003, and Windows XP operating systems.

3. What is the difference between Free and Professional Editions?
While the free edition can be used to manage up to 10 desktops free of cost, the professional edition can be used to manage the number of desktops for which it is licensed for. The free edition can be upgraded to professional edition at any point of time by obtaining a valid license from AdventNet.

4. Do I have to write scripts for using Desktop Central?
No, you do not have to write scripts for using any of the pre-defined configurations provided by Desktop Central. Just select the configuration, specify the required inputs, and deploy.

5. What is Scope of Management?
Scope of Management is used to define what are the computers to be managed using this software. When an Administrator use this software first time, he/she can use it with small set of computers then can slowly add more computers under management.

6. Do I need to define configurations separately or can I group them and define?
Configurations that are intended for the same set of targets can be grouped and defined as collections. However, when the targets differ, you have to define them separately.

7. When are the configurations applied?
All user configurations, except Custom Script configuration, are applied during user logon.
All computer configurations, except Custom Script configuration, are applied during system startup.
Custom Script configuration can be applied during user logon/logoff or system startup/shutdown.
Both user and computer configurations are applied every 90 minutes through Windows Group Policies.

8. I want to stop running Desktop Central during machine boot-up, what to do?
Desktop Central, by default, is installed as a Windows service, which makes it to run when the system is started. To disable this, Click on the "Settings" link on the top right corner of any page of Desktop Central.
In the Settings page uncheck the check box corresponding to "Start the product automatically on machine bootup" and save.

9. How to access Desktop Central client or console from the remote?
To access the Desktop Central client from remote, open a supported browser and type http://: in the address bar,

where refers to the name / IP Address of the machine running Desktop Central,
refers to the port at which the product is started, the default being 8020.

10. What are the requirements when setting up the Desktop Central?
As a first step, you have to define the scope of management, which requires the Domain Admin user name and password.

Secondly, if the operating system of the machine running Desktop Central is either Windows XP SP2 or Windows 2003 Server SP1, you have to configure the DCOM settings as per the procedure explained in Configuring DCOM Settings topic.

11. What is "Define Target"?
Define Target is the process of identifying the users or computers for which the configuration have to be applied. The targets can be all users/computers belonging to a Site, Domain, OUs, Groups, or can be a specific user/computer. You also have an option to exclude some desktops based on the machine type, OS type, etc.

12. My free trial expired before I was through evaluating Desktop Central. Can I receive an extension?
Customer Satisfaction is our prime motive. During the trial period of 45 days, unlimited number of desktops can be managed by Desktop Central. After the trial period the Software automatically switches to the free edition where only 10 desktops can be managed.

If you feel you would like to test the software for more number of desktops, but your trial period has expired, Kindly contact us so that we can arrange for a temporary license for few more days as per your requirement. You may note that the transition is smooth with no data loss and the configurations are not lost at any point of time. We want to make sure you are completely satisfied that the software is satisfying your need and solving your problem before buying it.

13. Why is Desktop Central configuration done through a Web interface?
Desktop administrators are always on the move. Desktop Central, with its web-based interface, facilitates the administrators to access the product from anywhere in the network not requiring them to be glued at one place for managing the desktops using the product.

14. How is Desktop Central licensed?
Desktop Central is licensed on annual subscription based on the number of Desktop it would manage. You can get the Pricing for the specific number of desktops from our online store.