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EventLog Analyzer - Features

Security Information Management Features
  • Windows Event Log Management - Monitor, detect, collect, analyze, normalize, report, and archive windows logs of all versions: Windows 2003 and 2008 server event logs, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista.
  • SysLog Management - Manage logs from syslog supported systems and devices: Linux syslogs, Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX and devices such as, routers, switches (Cisco).
  • Application Logs Management - Ensure correct functioning of applications by receiving error messages and warnings alongwith user activity log reports. Know the severity of entries in the application logs: server applications like web server, FTP and MSSQL, Oracle, DHCP and others. Security-related information is incomplete without monitoring applications. 
Alerts and Notification Features
  • Real Time Alerts - Acknowledge critical threats at the time these attack your network with real time alerts functionality. Stay notified on any critical changes in the confidential corporate policies and highly secured information for immediate rectification.
  • Alert Notifications - email, SMS & Run Program - Choose your electronic device that channelizes and updates you about the network threats: SMS, email or SNMP trap.
Reports - Scheduled, Multi Format, Automatic Distribution
  • Ready-built EventLog Reports - View the top events on priority and stay informed on the events occurring in the Windows and Unix systems, switches & routers, and other syslog devices. Track down the errors and the errant using the inbuilt reporting structure.
  • Custom EventLog Reports - Meet your unique needs by customizing the reports. You can create a new reporting template or customize existing reports or save advanced search results as your custom report profile.
  • Microsoft Internet Information Services (MS IIS) Server Log Reports
  • IBM AS/400 Log Reports - Get exclusive logs for IBM AS/400 systems that comprise information on: completion of jobs, device status changes, system operator messages, and attempted security violations on the system.
  • Privilege User Monitoring (PUMA) Reports - Closely monitor internal privileged users activity or a specific host activity by filtering event logs and gaining required reports.
  • Event Log Reports - Ask ME -Often required, basic, top event reports on logon, logoff attempts, alerts and system users. Events that matter to the enterprise management.
  • Historical Event Trends - Tracking the behavioral pattern of events, their presence and occurrence based on event severity and event type to generate historical trend reports accordingly
  • Advanced Search Result as Report Profile - Frequent search entries are saved and auto-customized to form a part of the Advanced Search Result as Report Profile
Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) Features
  • Dashboard and User based Views - A quick and important read, a business peek into your event logs. A summarized view on number of events, event severity, last ten events, a set of user group activity report, and such significant information on the home page.
  • Rebranding EventLog Analyzer Web Client - An MSP feature allowing you to retain your brand, customize reports that are sealed with your brand for direct emails. You can add value to what you deliver.
Regulatory Compliance Audits & Reports
  • Compliance Audits - Prepare and demonstrate your compliance on set regulations by generating an audit trail using the data collected from EventLog Analyzer.
  • PCI Compliance Reports
  • FISMA Compliance Reports
  • HIPAA Compliance Reports
  • SOX Compliance Reports
  • GLBA Compliance Reports
  • Reports for New Regulatory Compliance - A dynamically changing IT environment is witnessed from time to time. There could be a new regulation on-board to avoid security mishaps. An additional feature of EventLog Analyzer is to enable reporting for new compliance.
  • Customizing Compliance Reports - Meet your unique needs by customizing the reports. You can create a new reporting template or customize existing reports or save advanced search results as your custom report profile.
Log Management Features - Collect, analyze, archive and import event logs to channelize it with specific IT events and resolve any upcoming threats or concerns that are operational or audit-related.
  • Log Collection
  • Log Analysis
  • Log Archiving
  • Importing Event Logs
SIEM Features
  • Security Log Management - Priortize security in your IT firm by automating threat detection
  • Server Log Management - Servers are the carriers of business information. Hence, these are vulnerable and require security measures like continuous monitoring and detecting network-wide threat.