Applications Manager - Feature Comparison

Professional Edition: Supports 250 monitors, includes all application and server monitoring features.

Enterprise Edition: In addition to the features of the Professional Edition, it supports large deployments with its distributed monitoring capability.


Number of Monitors that can be monitored/managed


No Restrictions

Application Server Monitoring

Database Monitoring*

WebSphere Application Server Monitoring

WebSphere MQ Series Monitoring

Office SharePoint Monitoring

Server Monitoring

AS400 Monitoring

Oracle EBS Monitor

SAP and SAP CCMS Monitor

Web Services Monitoring

Website Monitoring

J2EE Web Transactions Monitoringt
Exchange Server Monitoring

Network Discovery

User Administration
SLA Management
Failover Support

Scheduling, Enabling, Disabling Reports

Admin Tools: Downtime Scheduler, Trap Listener, Shutdown Applications Manager

Custom Dashboards

Distributed Monitoring & High Scalability

Consolidate metrics from multiple restricted networks

Technical Support

Updates and Patches




* - DB2 and Sybase are not supported in Free Edition
** - SAP Monitor Add On - starts from (Professional Edition)

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