EventLog Analyzer - Feature Comparison

EventLog Analyzer is available in two editions to suit the needs of different industries/domains. The depth and level of features available in various editions are same. The Free edition offers all the features available in the Premium Edition during the period of evaluation. The Premium edition offers value added features.

Features Professional Edition Premium Edition
Multiple OS Support
Monitored device support (Windows, Linux, Unix, AIX, Routers, Switches, Any Syslog devices)
Import and Analyze Evt files
Auto discovery of hosts
Filter Events before store in DB
Compressed Archives
Archive log files encryption
Hashing and Time stamping of Archive log files
Real time display of events
Automated alerts
Authorized access
Host grouping for policy implementation
Schedule Data collection
Custom reports
Scheduling reports
Instant reports
PUMA Reports
Report Export format
Multiple Report Formats
Multi-level drill down
Trend Analysis
Security Analysis
Compliance reports (EventLog + Syslog) (Predefined + Customization)
Command Execution on Alerts
SMS and SNMP Trap Notification for Alerts
Internationization Support to handle Native Logs
Export/Import of Alert, Report, and Filter Profiles
Advanced Search in Raw Logs, Save Result as Report Profile
Scheduled import from local and remote (FTP/SFTP) machines
Log collection during log collector down time
Import of saved Syslog Files
Rebranding Web Client
Analyze Application specific Logs (IIS Web & FTP servers, DHCP Windows & Linux, MS SQL, Oracle Audit)
Custom View & User based Views
Active Directory based Authentication
IBM AS/400 Logs Analysis (V5R series) Fiter, Report, Alert, Archive & Import
Support for SQL Server as backend DB