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Saturday, 04 July 2015
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Networks Unlimited
Reseller of the Year 2011 Finalist

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 Networks Unlimited - Supplying ManageEngine since 2005.
Network, Server & Applications
Management Software
Network Security & Log Analysis
Management Software
IT HelpDesk & Windows
Management Software

ManageEngine offers simple, easy-to-use IT Management products at a price that every business can afford. Perfect for the SMB, whilst scalable for the large enterprise. ManageEngine products have been shown to give 90% of the features of the Big 4 at 10% of the price!

Comprehensive without being complex

Features are not thrown in. Every feature is designed and built around you with use cases in mind, to suit the way you work. You will be able to start working with the product as you go without going through thick manuals.

Deploy Instantly, no ninjas required

Installation needs no experts and deployment needs no ninjas! Ask any of the 60,000+ customers about it. Roll out IT solutions in days without getting your hands dirty configuring web servers and databases.

Affordable. Really!

Many ManageEngine solutions start at sub £1000 and stay affordable even as you scale. In most cases, our product costs only as much as the Annual Maintenance Cost of the Big 4. Check out our online store, to see for yourself.

Zero Maintenance, Set Your People Free

ManageEngine offers simple, easy, and maintenance-free products. You will never need dedicated administrators to configure,maintain and run them. Go ahead, set them free. Get them to do greater things.


ManageEngine Focus - Real-Time IT for the New Speed of Business

ManageEngine serves more than 65,000 established and emerging enterprises - customers with IT infrastructures that are far more dynamic, flexible and elastic than ever before. The net result is what ManageEngine calls real-time IT. Real-time IT calls for IT to make the most of today's game-changing technologies and deliver immediate services to organizations that are operating at an ever-increasing pace. It compels IT to operate at the speed of business, leveraging technologies to support new business models and applications.

ManageEngine Approach - A No-Frills Philosophy Driven by R&D and 100% Customer Focused

To help IT organizations control, manage and optimize IT infrastructures that are more consolidated, virtualized and automated than ever before, ManageEngine takes an approach that challenges the status quo of complex, expensive IT management products delivered by high-overhead sales organizations with high-margin product portfolios. ManageEngine has a no-frills philosophy driven by research and development and 100% focused on the technology needs and business imperatives of our customers. As a result, our product portfolio and functionality are what you would expect from the big four at a fraction of the price.

ManageEngine Value Proposition - Great Products with Unsurpassed Business Value and A Relentless Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

ManageEngine products enable IT managers to deliver an optimum end-user experience and harness IT to achieve business efficiencies in the face of increasing complexity. By providing a real-time, single-pane-of-glass approach to IT management, ManageEngine enables an IT organization to be proactive, empowered and better positioned to play a strategic role within the enterprise.

Today, ManageEngine is a global company with customers of every size and type in over 200 countries. ManageEngine is the fastest-growing alternative to traditional network management frameworks - 3 out of every 5 Fortune 500 companies use their products. Their original inspiration lives on today - to put customers first and deliver great IT management tools. They even go so far to say "in fact, if your IT productivity does not improve, we are happy to refund your money". In the era of real-time IT, great IT management products, a singular focus on delivering the industry's best business value, and a relentless commitment to customer satisfaction make ManageEngine your best choice.


Why buy from us? - Simple:

  1. We are THE company who brought you ManageEngine back in 2005.
    (If anyone knows more, they probably learnt through us!)
  2. UK ManageEngine Reseller
    The largest ManageEngine customer base in the UK needs a reseller they can depend on.
  3. Ever thought it odd that you've been contacted regarding renewals by a company that didn't originally supply to you? - Call us now to find out why.
  4. Local - Local knowledge, local timezone, local understanding.
    (The ManageEngine guys over there in India do a great job but sometimes you need to talk to someone a little closer and right now!)
  5. We've been around for 22 years - so we know our stuff.
    (Some companies try to kid you they've been around for years when in fact, they're startups - bearly out of their nappies when it comes to business!)
  6. Shortlisted as Reseller of the Year 2011 by Computing Magazine readers!
    (No back-handers here - just plain recognition of our hard work and friendly service!)
  7. Wide range of complementary solutions
    (As you'd expect from a company who's been around for as long as we have - more contacts, more partnerships, more choice!)
  8. Friendly and helpful - Because we are!
    (We don't need to smile and be nice just to get your business, like some - we just do business with a smile!)
  9. There when you need us - Today, tomorrow, next month, next year!
    (99% of our customers stay with us - the others usually come back!)
  10. Oh, and let's not forget price - As if that really matters?!
    (We strive to bring the most competitively priced solutions to the market and if there's someone out there 'flogging it cheaper', we'll do our best to meet or beat that price!)