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Thursday, 13 June 2024
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UK Customer Testimonials

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ServiceDesk Plus

"Veeda have been using ServiceDesk Plus for a couple of years now across our network which is spread across 6 countries. My team use ServiceDesk Plus to manage faults, assets, users and compile knowledge sharing. The software provides all that is required for maintaining industry standards such as ISO 20000 and IT Service Management Best Practice in an intuitive interface. An excellent piece of software"

John Hewitt, Global Head of Information Communication Technology, Veeda Clinical Research
"I evaluated several different helpdesk systems, but none met my requirements as well as ServiceDesk Plus. I was also pleased to find the pricing very acceptable. In particular, I've found ServiceDesk Plus easy to configure, very flexible and it integrates very well into a Windows environment. The excellent asset management feature is an added bonus. Our employees also appreciate how easy it is to use - a key point in getting them to buy in to a helpdesk system."

Peter Wright, IT Manager, Sheffield Chamber of Commerce

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SupportCenter Plus

"Brilliant piece of software (SupportCentre Plus) in that its given our support area the required organisational tools and allowing a smoother experience for clients. The top features I like; the ability to convert email to requests successfully (many fail as this surprisingly easy task), a shared area for clients to access documents/knowledgebase articles and finally keeping support messages between internal users hidden from clients. This is used to chat to developers back and forth but keep the info away from clients. "

Martin Patient, Palantir UK Ltd


ADManager Plus

"As a school we need to source good value and effective management tools, the ManageEngine group of products meets this need. We use ADManager and the ServiceDesk plus Software. ADManager always comes into its own when we need to make detailed bulk changes to users; it is brilliant for moving home folder locations and automatically setting permissions on the new shares. We use Service Desk plus to record, monitor and track all request for help from students and staff, the inventory aspect is good as we can tie resources to either individuals or departments. It allows us to track all costs and therefore identify poorly managed areas within the school. Report generation is simple and effective, senior managers now get an automatically generated and e-mailed report each Friday saving me about 4 hours per week. I could go on and on about this product but feel that seeing is believing. We downloaded the Trial Version and bought the real thing. "

Mike Scholes, Blessed Hugh Faringdon School

"We use both OpManager and ADManager and we find both to be valuable tools, there are other tools on the market that do similar things, but they all seem to offer similar functionality at a much higher price.

OPmanager usually warns us of problems before users become aware of them, which often allows us to take remedial action before service is affected. Even if downtime cannot be avoided, the fact that we are aware of an impending problem allows us to inform users in advance, rather than the users informing us. This makes the service we provide much more polished and professional.

We originally bought ADManager mainly because the reports were so useful. Since then we have also found that it makes life much easier when it comes to delegating Active Directory tasks, and the ability to update large numbers of users in a single operation is a godsend. There are other ways of carrying out these tasks, but they are much more time consuming and error prone. Well worth the cost, it is packed with features that are genuinely useful to an Active Directory administrator."

Mick Proctor, Newcastle under Lyme Borough Council



"We used to manually check our servers daily to make sure they were running ok. This was a time consuming process and sometimes not all the servers were checked. Since purchasing OpManager from Manage Engine, it has made this process a 2 minute task. The software is a real asset to us, as it means we can spend our valuable time on support and development instead of wasting it on repetitive time consuming daily tasks. The initial install and configuration was lengthy but the simplicity of the software makes it easy to manage and adding new object monitors takes no more than 10 minutes. An excellent piece of kit we couldn't do without."

James MacDonald MCP, IT Support Engineer, DFS Furniture Ltd

"The best way is to give you an example of how this has helped me. In my role probably one of the more important features of OpManager is the proactive monitoring. On occasion, I have received emails, from OpManager, over a weekend highlighting an issue with a switch. The switch was in our Security Gatehouse and the PC, phone and door access for that area all ran through it. I was able to contact the personnel on-site and explain what was needed to resolve the issue, therefore preventing a bigger problem first thing on Monday morning! All in all a very useful tool and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a network management tool"

Rob Wren, Infrastructure Service Manager, Westmill Foods Limited


ADSelfService Plus

"I now get significantly fewer 'password reset' type calls. The interface itself was a breeze to install and we have not experienced any problems with it since installation... "

Iain Hayes , Halo Leisure


EventLog Analyser

"I use EventLog Analyser as a syslog server. We have customers, who want us to keep log messages stored for two years. EventLog Analyser is the simplest way to collect such data. MS Windows machines use Snare for Windows as a log sender."

Tom Granroth, Monikko Oy

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