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Thursday, 13 June 2024
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ManageEngine OpManager

The best value in network management

ManageEngine OpManager v9

Network Performance Management solutions for large and small networks

  • Visualize your network
  • Monitor network performance
  • Analyze bandwidth usage trends and plan your network capacity
  • Monitor and troubleshoot VoIP quality of service
  • Automate network configuration management

ManageEngine OpManager

is an easy to install, easy-to-use and affordable Network, System and Application Monitoring software solution suitable for small, medium and large scale organisations. It is a practical alternative to the expensive, large and complex network management systems available in the market today.

Network performance management: Necessities and hurdles

Today's enterprise IT teams are bogged down by wide-spread networks and complex implementations of applications and services that drive vital business functions such as sales, finance, customer support etc... The need for an all-encompassing network performance management solution that can proactively isolate, identify and resolve impending faults is felt more than ever before.

Trusted by

"...OpManger is a real asset to us, we now spend our valuable time on support and development instead of wasting it on repetitive time consuming daily tasks. The initial install and configuration was a cinch and the simplicity of the software makes it easy to manage and adding new object monitors takes no more than 10 minutes. An excellent piece of kit we couldn't do without."

James MacDonald MCP,
IT Support Engineer, DFS Furniture Ltd

"...OpManager and NetFlow have made a huge difference to our Network and Systems teams. Before ManageEngine, we were using a number of different monitoring systems depending on the type and brand of equipment being monitored....Now we have a single application that monitors nearly any piece of equipment we have on our network..."

Caria Little,
Network Support Supervisor, Avera

Network Performance Management: Usage Example

Supplemental Healthcare Inc., offers healthcare staffing solutions in 30 different states all over US. Incorporated in 1984 and headquartered in Park City, UT Supplemental healthcare today offers online university for healthcare education and is one of the top 10 healthcare staffing organizations in the nation. At the helm of Supplemental's network is Gordon and his team who work on the "new day-everyday" promise.

More than 500 employees accessing email and other corporate data from the headquarters cutting across 50 different kinds of routers, 40 different firewalls, more than 40 switches, and multiple T1s and T3s. Sounds simple... But imagine a user system getting infected and spiking traffic all over the WAN, or a router memory error causing a bandwidth bottleneck. All these invariably affect the end user productivity. Emails would take forever for a simple fetch... A search request on the corporate CRM could return a blank page... VoIP phones could have degraded voice quality...

A network catastrophe! Gordon however is safe from these nightmares with ManageEngine Network Performance tools...

Visualize your network to quickly identify network performance bottlenecks

The web based map maker tool enables you to drag and drop routers and build a network map in a snap! You can also import any background image and create maps viz. geographical map views, logical architectural views or a business service views.

Identify impending faults with out-of-the-box support for SNMP traps & Syslogs

Set up threshold-based alerts on key network device health parameters and foretell performance degradation or outages to prevent them

Monitored Parameters include:

For Routers Router Memory Utilization | Small Buffer Hits | Small Buffer Misses | Big Buffer Hits | Big Buffer Misses | Medium Buffer Hits | Medium Buffer Misses | Buffer Create Failures | Buffer Failures | Total Huge Buffer Hits | Total Huge Buffer Misses | Total Large Buffer Hits | Total Large Buffer Misses | Total No. of Collisions | Aborted Interface In Packets | Ignored Interface In Packets | Input Packet Drops | Interface Collisions | Interface In CRC Errors | Interface In Giants | Interface In Runts | Interface Input Bits | Interface Output Bits | Interface Reset Count | Interface Restart Count | Largest Free Memory
For Switches Switch CPU Utilization (5 Mins Avg) | Switch Memory Utilization | Backplane Utilization | Jabber Packets
Common for Routers and Switches CPU Usage (1 min avg) | CPU Usage (5 mins avg) | CPU Usage (5 secs avg)
For Firewalls Active Session Count | Firewall CPU Utilization | Free 1550K Buffers | Free 256K Buffers | Free 4K Buffers | Free 80K Buffers | Free Memory
Other Vendor Specific Parameters Cisco Memory Utilization | Drop Events Statistics | Number of Fragments | Output Packet Drops | Oversize Packets | Packets Received | Packets to BC Address | Packets to MC Address | Temperature | Total No. of Octets | Undersize Packets | Used Memory

Syslogs and SNMP Traps provide an excellent way to learn more about device performance and failures. ManageEngine solutions collect Syslog messages from multiple systems and correlate these to provide unique data points that help in root-cause analysis.

Monitor WAN link availability and performance (find latency even over your ISPās grid)

Leveraging Ciscoās IP SLA technology, ManageEngine provides you hop-wise visibility on your WAN linksā availability and latency.

Measure network bandwidth and traffic utilizatio

Track the utilization of every connected interface and port. Analyze which port has maximum discards and errors.

Analyze traffic usage patterns to know which application or user is occupying bandwidth

Leveraging Flow based technologies viz. NetFlow, sFlow, IP FIX, etc. analyze network traffic usage and spot which application or user is hogging bandwidth. Isolate network security threats and make better- informed capacity planning decisions.

Enforce best practices, automate network change & configuration management across your network

Losing sleep and resources to prevent accidental changes to device configurations? With ManageEngine you can automate backup processes across switches, routers, and firewalls. You can restore, in a single click, the last known best configurations. Also get reports on configuration differences and changes and enforce work-flows for upgrading configuration changes.

Monitor and troubleshoot VoIP Quality of Service

Implementation of VoIP technology is rapidly catching up leaving administrators in a fix when it comes to questions on bandwidth sufficiency and VoIP call quality. ManageEngineās VoIP performance monitoring solutions help you to assess your networkās readiness for VoIP deployment, monitor VoIP QoS and troubleshoot poor VoIP call quality.